[FEATURE] Livelink or MotionLink (Cinema 4D integration)

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Hello Forum and FX-Team....

First of all a happy new year and hope all stay healthy and make the best of it. Many thanks for the brilliant and excellent new version 16 with so many great features. VERY NICE....

Now to our Idea...

We just surfed the internet and see something interesting in this video from Andrew Kramer (videocopilot)

Here the link to it....

.It starts at ca. 00:40 where he explains a kind of Livelink or Bridge that makes it possible to connect the platform Cinema4D and Aftereffects.....So with this technique, it is possible to use the 3D Environment from Cinema4D in AfterFX

( The same is possible under Reallusions ICLONE 7and UnrelaEngine4.26

they name it LIVELINK....so you can transfer or Livelink all the Meshes props and figures and so on.

So it would be soooo cool to connect or bridge for example Iclone or Blender or Cinema4D and make it possible to use it like it is described in the video above.

Hope it is enough explained and you get the idea of what we are looking for :-)

Stay healthy and have a great 2021...I am sure there will be a lot of rumor and new Features on FXHOME

Best wishes and always a good time


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    Wow! (Z buffer rendering /compositing - way cool)

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    @2IDs_mediadesign I hope you don't mind that I moved your idea to the Feature Request category because, while I thought it could possible fall into the Post Production (That's what it would be after all) the Devs are more likely to peruse the Request forum so it's chance are increased that it might come ab out.

    Edit: Oops, now that I have made my way down to the Feature Request I see you had already posted here too. 😊

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    @2IDs_mediadesign I edited your title to hopefully make it easier to find. (I also removed the request specifically for version 17, as that version is likely already deep into development and has its major features set. This type of integration is something that would likely take a significant amount of time to implement, and therefore wouldn’t be feasible for version 17)

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    Thanks to tddavis, yes i posted it twice :-)

    Thanks to triforcefx, yes it's okay but it should not only be a bridge exclusively for cinema 4d more than a universal bridge or link to bind these function in :-) Perhaps there is a cooperation between Reallusion and FXhome a way to realize it :-) or partner with other companies that are in 3D and real-time/Modelling like Blender. Many thanks for your attention and have a good week roll.

    Best Greets MARC

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    It would be nice to have something like this...but is it realistic for an editor?

    In the case of IClone7 and Character Creator 3 Live link to UE4 only works if you have the 3dXchange Pipeline as well as iClone / CC3. That price tag is $800+. The LiveLink is free for Indie users but professional houses pay 2000$ for Fundamental and upwards of $6000 for Live Performance.. A lot of money for a Hitfilm user.

    Like I say...it would be nice but I really dont see it happening

    Aside: I have all the above, Live Link, CC3, Iclone7, 3DXchange Pipeline AND LIVE FACE Profile for Motion LIVE Plug-in + assets, motion files, etc, etc. To date I have about $3050 invested. I just dont see Hitfilm users putting anywhere near that kind of cash out. Again- it would be nice BUT is it realistic for a basic video editor/vfx software? All this I mentioned is why the Live Link is free or UE4 - I am just one customer of thousands that Reallusion has. They can afford to give it away for Free to Indie users