Composite clips with blending layers obscure other layers. How do I fix this?

I'm working on a project where one scene requires a series of incredibly nested composite clips. Two of these comps have plane layers with the "add" blending mode. When I put these two comps onto the main comp, there is a black void wherever the blending layer is shown. As in, if there's no mask on the blending layer, the comp obscures everything beneath its layer in black, and if there is a mask on the blending layer, then the blending layer affects its own comp like normal, but still obscures everything else beneath it in the area of the mask.

I imagine the process here is that the additive layer is trying to affect the background as though it's another layer to modify. Since, of course, it's the background, and there's nothing to modify, nothing happens. Yet when the comp is nested in another comp, the program still renders the parts of the background that were "modified," resulting in a weird phantom of the layer obscuring every other layer beneath the layer the comp is on.

This problem occurs in both the preview and export of the video.

Is there any way to fix this? Is it a limitation of the software? Thank you so much!


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    Welcome, @Woloszyn! If I'm interpreting your description correctly, I think you can solve this by adding a grade layer at the top of the layer stack in each composite shot containing an Add-mode plane layer. Where the plane isn't adding with anything else and generating black, those parts will become transparent. Let me know whether or not that solves the problem. If it doesn't could you add a screenshot or two showing the problem?