[Feature] Custom "Effect"

Nomestic01 Posts: 21 Just Starting Out*

Hey all,

I'm not very tech-saavy, so I don't know, if my Idea would even be possible, but I think it would be very useful:

The Idea behind what I called a "Custom Effect" is based om something I found very useful in effects. Once you customized an effect you can copy it over to another layer and have the effect exactly the same. Something I found a bit annoying is, that you have to create the same Keyframe-Animations time and time again, if you want to use the same slide in from the left animation (as an example) with multiple layers.


What I called a "Custom Effect" is a sort of effect, that you can apply a Keyframe-animation on, wich can then be apllied to every layer in a composite shot, or maybe even universally. This would save a lot of busy-work and give the video a more coherent look.

I hope my Idea makes sense to people except me,

have a good day and thanks in advance.