Carrying projects over to another version of hitfilm.

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Hey fellas,

I have used the free version of hitfilm for a few years now and wanted to give back to the creators as well es update my Hitfilm. I wanted to upgrade to the 40$ Version of hitfilm. allthough I have an unfinished project in Hitfilm Express Version 14.1(.9713.52946) Is it safe to upgrade to a newer, upgraded version of Hitfilm or should I wait until I have finished my current project?

Thanks in advance :)



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    @Nomestic01 Yes, projects will ooen from an older version into a newer one, but not the other way. Since soecs changed with 16, when you open the file in 16 besure to immediately save it with an appending that indicates it's a version 16 file so you have the old one still in case you encounter hardware issues with 16. If not, once you save the file in 16 and overwrite you wo t be able to fall back with it. Hope this answers your concern.

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    Yep, that pretty much answers it. Thanks for the quick reply