Changing fps

Hi guys, the title says it all. Basically, I have a video with a 30.25 FPS, but when I import it into HitFilm, I only have 30 FPS option, which makes the audio out of sync. Every time I change it to 30.25, the system changes back into 30 FPS.


  • TheBenNorris
    TheBenNorris Posts: 2,042 Staff

    I don't believe 30.25 is a standard frame rate. This could indicate it's actually VFR perhaps, so might be worth running the footage through a transcoder such as handbrake to convert it to a constant, regular frame rate.

  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,603 Ambassador

    As Ben says, there's no such thing as "30.25" fps in video. 29.97 or 30.

    Take a look at this video starting at 19:30 or so. That gets into transcoding, and shows optimized settings for Hitfilm.

    Earlier parts of the video get into video decoding, including why variable frame rate video is an issue.