[Enhancement] Auto Transform an Image to Scale to the Appropriate Size for Project

ackeebacalhau Posts: 3 Just Starting Out

Issue: Working with video clips of a consistent size makes it very easy to add content to the project. But when working with photos that have been cropped to various dimensions, it requires tedious manual effort to scale them to fit the dimensions of the project. Even selecting one image, copying, then "Paste Attributes" to multiple images at once does not work properly because each each requires a different scaling factor.

First screen shot shows 6 imported images with many different dimensions. When they are added to a project that is 3840x2160 they will "overflow" the frames of the project.

Second screen shot shows what happens when scaling factor attributes are copied from image and applied to another...the image still over flows the window.

HF already knows ... dimensions of the project ..., dimensions of the image...background colour...how to transform for height and width. In "Options > Prompts" there is checkbox "Media does not match editor"

Enhancement Request: Add dependent checkbox "Auto transform media to project dimensions" (or some equivalent wording).

So now when the image is dropped on the timeline HF can automatically transform the image to fit the project with the same result as Right Click > Transform > Fit to Frame Height or Width. It will be centered properly with the proper border along top+bottom or left+right. It will significantly reduce the workflow when adding many images.

Thanks for building a really cool editor. Been using it a few days and enjoying it.


  • TerryS
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    Hey, a useful feature you can enable and disable to taste. Is A-OKAY in my book.

  • Triem23
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    As I've said to @ackeebacalhau in a different thread, I'm here to vote AGAINST this.

    Editors typically resize media to project size - c.f. Vegas Pro, Avid.

    Compositors typically load media at actual size, c.f. Ae, Hitfilm.

    As one who uses Hitfilm primarily for composting, auto-scale to Timeline would mess up my work flow.

    That said, we'll leave it up to the votes.

    @TheBenNorris has discussed in another thread this very feature request was recently discussed and discarded internally. However, my suggestions.

    An "Auto-resize to frame" toggle would need to go in the File>Options menu. By default this should be left off to not change work flow for long term users. The auto-resize should default to "Fit to height." (That tends to be the most useful.) Additionally, there should be a "Scale to 100%" option added to the "Fit to" right-click context menu.