[ENHANCEMENT(s)} save VO as mp3

GaryRose Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
edited January 2021 in HitFilm

First, let me say how thrilled I am that you added voice-over to HitFilm Express. It is so nice to do everything in the program. Before I would have to use an audio recording program and then import it and then break the recording into sections to match the information that was in each of the composite shots I was working with. I make informative videos (teaching) that require working with multiple composite shots.

There are two features that I think could make the voice-over better.

1. Have an option to save the voice-over as an mp3 format. I realize that wav files are uncompressed and they do not lose quality from the original recordings. On the other hand, mp3 files take up less space.

2. This pertains to all audio, have an option in the File-Options to be able to have the waveform be shown without having to click on each waveform.