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I have been using HitFilm Express for the past few months and I have loved it so far, especially after getting a new PC with a better GPU. But I realized that I would love a mobile version of the software for iPad. This would be great when you simply are away from home(Road trips, Vacations, etc.) and don’t have a laptop. My idea is a version that has the same features as the desktop version, but is optimized for the smaller touchscreen and isn’t as power-consuming. 

These changes might include:

Changing some things around that work better for a touch-screen

Optimize the view and masking so that you can still get the same precision without spending half an hour to do so. 

Give the preview a limited resolution according to the device, but still allow exporting at higher resolutions.

Also add keyboard shortcuts for those who have a keyboard

And, one more thing, plz allow offline use for those lengthy Road-trips, which is probably THE most convenient time to have this version.😀



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    This is a product that I could stand behind. Its like Premiere Rush. Enough that you can get a basic cut in and finish it up on the full version!

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    Great idea. But please, don't forget Android users!!!

    Sometimes I need quick edit of my phone-taken videos, so I'd love to do it with the mobile version of HitFilm rather than other software from Play Store.

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    Just a comment here, as I do not use mobile apps much.

    FX Home is a smaller company with only a few developers. As opposed to Adobe with hundreds.

    A mobile app that works like HF would be an entirely new software where none of the existing code can work on a iOs or Android platform.

    Just saying, IF a mobile app is in the future of HF, it may be waaaaaay in the future. :-)

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    Also, as much as Hitfilm relies on GPU for performance there would have to be major recoding for those mobile devices that have none.😨

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    This has been discussed in interviews with Josh Davies. Everything I'll say here comes from his comments elsewhere.

    Here's the realities of the situation:

    FXHOME is a commercial company. They must make profit to stay in business.

    Mobile apps are sold at a lower price point than computer apps. HF Pro is $300, Express has a bunch of add ons that, while inexpensive in and of themselves, can add up - but most Express users (over 3/4) have no add-ons. , It's Pro users keeping FXHOME in business so most Express users to have free Hitfilm. Phone apps? Maybe $10-15 is about as high as you can go. Don't believe me? Look at the CamtrackAR people who want the one feature in the paid version added to the free version.

    Now, mobile processors (this includes the crud Apple is starting to put in Macs - those are iPad chips) are way less powerful than desktop/laptop chips. A "mobile Hitfilm" would be way less powerful than the computer version. Check out the Mobile version of Photoshop or OnOne Photo Raw compared to the computer versions for examples.

    But it comes back to economics - there aren't mobile cross-platform libraries like QT - used for the HF interface. Basically FXHOME would be creating two ENTIRELY NEW programs (iOS and Android) from the ground up, which will bear a market price of 1/30th of the PC version.

    Now, this isn't to say at some point FXHOME won't peruse this line, but don't expect it to be soon. Keep clicking Vote Up and keep those fingers crossed, but be ready for a long wait.

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    I would just use something like Kinemaster or iMovie to make a draft and redo it in Hitfilm later on