Files don't show up

I'm trying to import files into hitfilm express video editor thing or whatever- and the videos won't show up. I checked again in the files (outside of the editor) and it was right there. But it just won't show up in the editor. I then recorded something real quick to test if it would work, and it showed up. I was able to import it. But for some reason I can't do the other ones.


  • tddavis
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    @1mpavid This is most likely due to the file settings themselves. If you could download a free program called MediaInfo here and follow the instructions in this video to generate a tree report and then copy & paste that info here it will help greatly to figure out exactly what might going on. If you can do it for one of the files not working and the one that did for comparison.

    If, as I suspect, the most likely cause is a file type that doesn't work with Hitfilm you will need to to Transcode your footage to a format that will. Here are several videos to familiarize you with that process if needed.


    Hope this helps you out.

  • Triem23
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    Start with the MediaInfo report before proceeding to the other videos @tddavis linked. If you generate a "Tree" report and paste it here that will give us information about the specific file. Then we'll discuss if transcoding is the best option.

    Now, what I think we'll find is your video is "h.265" (HEVC). Hitfilm before v16 cannot import HEVC, so you'll have to transcode. HF 16 imports HEVC, but uses the Microsoft HEVC decoders - which Microsoft took out of Windows in 2018. In this case you can either transcode, or get the Microsoft codec, which is $0.99 on the Microsoft store.

    The MediaInfo report should confirm this.