Laggy preview.

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Specs: i5-7400 3.00 GHz, 16GB RAM, 1060 6GB, Crucial 500MX SSD 500GB + Kingston A400 SSD 240GB.

Hitfilm Express: Version 16

Anti-Virus: McAfee


Preview is laggy. All I add, sometimes, is a "Fade to Colour" and it will lag over that part of the video and skip to where it is fully presented.

I have Hitfilm Express on "High Priority" in Task Manager

I rarely have other applications open, sometimes Spotify.

I have de-fragged in the last 1-2 weeks.

I have not overclocked my CPU due to lack of fans (only 2 slots on motherboard, working on getting an adapter)

I'm in the process of clearing up space within my Drives and moving less useful stuff to my hard drive.

Any help?



  • triforcefx
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    McAfee has been dragging computer performance down for decades. Get rid of it. Use the built in Windows Defender.

    Other than that, can you provide a MediaInfo report for the footage you’re running? Usually slow performance on a decent system has something to do with the footage you’re using.

    Also make sure you’ve updated your graphics drivers from GeForce Experience, and run the latest Windows updates

  • TerryS
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    Condemning a purchased program like McAfee wholesale and recommending { Get rid of it } . Because according to you..........McAfee has been dragging computer performance down for decades.

    While what you've stated is not entirely inaccurate. McAfee will drag down performance during scheduled scans. Its strains the CPU a bit, thats for sure.

    Scheduled scans are the real culprit and relatively pointless from my perspective. I keep them disabled and have for years.

    If you download files from questionable sources/sites or visit nefarious websites. A Scheduled scan won't prevent you from catching a virus.

    Real time scanning may catch the harmful file when installing a program. Or warn you before visiting a website thats questionable..

    However, McAfee is no resource hog in that department. { Not by a long shot }

    Having a browser open to check HitFilms Help Files will drag down your computer resources further than McAfee's real time scanning does.So lets keep things in perspective shall we.

    All one needs to do is disable the Scheduled scans or Schedule them for a time when you won't be editing or doing other CPU intensive activities.

    If you're concerned you've given yourself a virus or opened a nefarious e-mail or whatever. You can run a deep scan when it doesn't interfere with your workflow.

    I've been using the McAfee for years. I learned to disable Scheduled scans on my own. Regular scans turn up nothing because I'm careful.

  • Payday
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    What info do you need? I don't have any experience with MediaInfo. A screenshot of the MPEG-4 stuff?

  • TerryS
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    How to use Mediainfo................

    You'll want to share the information mentioned at 1:15 of the video.

  • triforcefx
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    @TerryS My experience with McAfee has shown otherwise. I have seen quite recently that it does in fact destroy performance on a computer even when it isn’t scanning or anything. If it works for you, that’s great, but most people need an antivirus they can install and forget about without worrying that it will constantly be dragging their system to a crawl.

  • TerryS
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    @triforcefx ,

    If McAfee has been " Dragging computer performance down for Decades" I find it odd that you have first hand recent experience and can attest to the fact that McAfee destroys performance when it isn’t scanning or anything.

    I on the other hand can post images all day long showing thats simply not the case.

    Perhaps you know someone that should have contacted McAfee support because there was a problem with their installation of the program?

    Heres a new screenshot.

    Windows Defender is a minimalist program with few options and tools.