[FEATURE] Numbers effect

penwinrawr Posts: 6 Just Starting Out*

I've searched for a way to change numbers that's easier than to animate them with masks but i've failed.

I think a numbers effect would be helpful for creating counters or random numbers. It can be a simple slider ("value") that takes it's value and appears as text, keyframing the value makes the number change so a counter requires just a couple of keyframes. The text parameters would be needed (position, size, font, spacing, etc).

Some "advanced" controls can be adding prefix and sufix (like for a $ sign or units like grams), number of decimals, rounding, steps, activate or deactivate and customize punctuation (for like 1.000 instead of 1000 or changing between '.' or ',' in the decimal separator).

I would love an effect like this or a different way to do that stuff, it will help a lot of Motion Graphic Artists.