[Enhancement] Hold hand tool

jackschoening Posts: 96 Enthusiast

Right now you toggle the hand tool but there should be a little toggle for making the hand tool hold instead of toggle. This is just like Wiew's request about the rate stretch tool


  • Triem23
    Triem23 Posts: 20,288 Power User

    I'm not certain I understand this request.

    Clicking the Hand Tool icon in the Viewer locks the Hand Tool on until another icon is clicked, while, when a different viewer tool is active a right-click+drag momentarily toggles the Hand Tool. In the Editor/Comp Timeline or Viewer Panels "H" as a keyboard shortcut locks on the Hand Tool (whereas other keyboard shortcuts toggle other tools. "V" for "Select Tool," et. al.)

    So, there is already a "hold" and "toggle" for the Hand Tool. What change are you asking for? Right now I'm tempted to mark this thread "Hitfilm already does this," and close it.

    Also, if you're going to reference another thread, please link to it. Fortunately Wiew is (at this time) a newer user with under 10 comments, so it was easy for me to track down what you meant, but (at this time) there are about 230 feature request threads and you shouldn't make the devs go searching for a cross-reference.

    Devs, Jack's referencing this thread, which is a request to make the "S" key (Rate Stretch) a momentary toggle, not a hold switch.