Help with a slide transition?

Elwood01 Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

I'm making an Instagram style video, and I have two pictures in my timeline (in addition to the other video clips). I'm currently just using a basic slide transition, but between the two photos, there's black. Is there a way I can make it more seamless, and have it simply slide between the two photos, with no black showing?


  • FilmSensei
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    @Elwood01 Any transition that you use will usually have controls that can be adjusted. With the transition selected, click on the Controls Tab and see what options are available. The Slide Transition has Angle, Motion Blur, and the option to either slide In or Out. Try adjusting those.

    Also, make sure that your pictures are butted right up next to each other and that the transition straddles both of them Use the Timeline Scale Slider to zoom in for a closer look.

  • Elwood01
    Elwood01 Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

    sorry for a late response! I ended created two layers for images, and kept the first one going for the duration of the second slide, if that makes sense. I think it turned out okay for someone who only uses hitfilm casually :) I appreciate your help! I didn't know there are so many aspects I can edit- I'll have to look into that for next time.

    Here's what my finished product ended up being, just a simple edit of a kpop member I like.