4k Footage Scaling Issue

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For starters, I'm a noob in general to video editing / compositing and just starting to use Hitfilm, but it has been a fabulous program for me! And these discussions have been great. Thx!

I'm trying to import footage from a couple different devices. One is a Panasonic camcorder. The other is an iPhone 8 Plus. My Hitfilm project resolution is 1080p. Both devices are set to 4k. My thought was I would scale the footage after importing etc. The camcorder footage imports fine. But when I import the footage from the iPhone as soon as I scale it to 50% the footage turns to junk. I tried transcoding using handbrake but same thing. It only happens after I scale the 4k footage. If I import it and playback, it's fine, but as soon as I scale it goes crazy (footage gets chopped up, rotated, mirrored...you name it).

Thanks for any help!