The Eternal Abyss | End Of The World Short Film

ZacharyO Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

Hi All!

during this quarantine I challenged myself to make a short film within 24 hours to help stay creative. I plan to try this again as I had a lot of fun making this but I would love to hear any feedback you have regarding it!


  • Stargazer54
    Stargazer54 Posts: 3,889 Ambassador

    @ZacharyY Pretty impressive. Good shot variety, good pacing and it definitely held my interest.

    So did you shoot and edit it all in 24 hours? What tools used? Camera? Hitfilm?

  • ZacharyO
    ZacharyO Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

    @Stargazer54 Thank you! I really appreciate that!!

    We did the entire thing in 24 hours - story - filming - editing - exporting.

    It was shot on the Canon M50 and the IPhone 11 for a few inserts ( Such as an insert of the calendar shot(s) - and that was shot using filmic pro app. For lenses we used the Sigma 56mm lens with the cinemorph filter.

    I edited it in HitFilm Pro 14 for the entire project.

    Audio was done using my IPhone for the one scene.