[ENHANCEMENT] Rate Stretch Tool (S) as "momentary toggle"

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I am a newbie in Hitfilm so this is maybe completely wrong

If I time stretch in Vegas Pro I hold the control key and alter the speed of my timeline

If I time stretch in Hitfilm I can do this with pressing "S"

Fine by me ...no problem ,

but when I don't press the "S" any more it is still in the rate stretch mode

And I have to reset this mode by clicking the pointer ...Why ???

It would be more simpler if the stretch mode ends when you stop pressing the "S" key


  • Triem23
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    The keyboard shortcut, in this case, is doubling up as clicking the Rate Stretch Tool icon in the trimmer. Obviously the icon can't be a "hold and toggle."

    Alternate suggestion for implementation - keyboard modifier when dragging out clip edges. SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT all already have functions, depending on the Edit Tool selected, but what about holding down "CTRL+ALT" while dragging a trim edge for a "Rate Stretch toggle?"

  • Wiew
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    @Triem23 "CTRL+ALT" is a good idea.

    When working in Hitfilm for the first time it was just something I immediately noticed