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Hi Folks,

I am using Hitfilm Express 12,

A good while ago, I took some video using my camcorder and also my camera using the same card swapped between the two devices.

It appeared that I could only see the media taken when replayed on the device that took the video when viewed on the devices.

When later I put the memory card into the pc to view the images and put them into files, the pc could not see anything.

A young lad at work had a look at the issue and loaded an app onto the pc called VLC media player, and then we could see the media previously not viewable.

All was good.

Now I want to use the media mentioned in a Hitfilm project.

I can put the memory card into the pc, create a new folder, copy and paste the files into the new folder and then view the content on the pc, ( with the memory card now removed).

When in Hitfilm, I go to the folder to get the media and import it into the project, I can see the individual media clips, but when I click on them to put them into Hitfilm, they just start playing on my pc screen and do not go into Hitfilm.

If I minimise the open file and go to the file name to use in Hitfilm, I simply get a statement saying there is nothing in the file, but minimise Hitfilm, go back to the file and it can again be viewed, so the content is there, but a missmatch must be preventing Hitfilm from seeing it.

Is there something like the VLC media player that can be used alongside Hitfilm so that the media can be brought into the project I was wondering.

Thanks for reading, Any thoughts welcome.


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    @AndyGSteam You will probably need to transcode your files to something HF can deal with. If VLC can play them then you can use VLC to resave the file - Media (upper right), Convert/Save - select your file to convert, then destination directory and file type.

    However, for best results I would recommend Handbrake. Tutorial for that here

    Handbrake is also handy for converting Variable Frame Rate footage (which HF doesn't like) to Constant Frame Rate which is more suitable for editing. So it is a good utility for your toolbox.

  • AndyGSteamAndyGSteam Website User Posts: 21 Just Starting Out

    Thanks for your feedback Stargazer,

    Being as I am not very savvy with the PC I will get some assistance to check your solution out when I can.

    If I were to change to a newer version of HitFilm, would I lose all the projects I have on the go in my current HF 13 version or would they all miraculously appear in the newer version ?

    How would one change from an older version to a newer version ?

    Thanks for your comments, they are much appreciated

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 2,900 Ambassador
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    @AndyGSteam If you installed HF on your own you can install an run Handbrake. Just follow the tutorial.

    A far as moving up to a newer version - your old projects will read into the new version. But once saved from the newer version you cannot then take the project back to an earlier version of HF (unless you have saved copies from the previous version). Always a good idea to keep incremental copies of your work, anyway.

    Newer versions past HF 12 can be found here:

    HitFilm Express -

    HitFilm Pro -

    In both cases, scroll down the page to find all the versions of HF available.

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    Hitfilm PROJECTS move forward - you can just open your existing HF13 projects in HF 16. They don't move backward - a HF 16 project can't be opened in HF 13. It's safer for now to "Save As" older projects under a new file name until you're 100% certain you'll never revert back to 12.

    Changing to the newest version is as simple as running the Installer. You're just installing an updated version of the same program.

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