Blessed Ovine Doodoo!

SadOldGoth Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

Hi All,

Just had to share my wonderment at using HitFilm Pro on my new PC. Up until today I've been creating a movie for a college project on a Dell Inspiron i5 5000, which was a step up from my previous laptop - it's been painfully slow, as you can imagine, trying to work in 4k with such a limited device.

Forward to today with a 16Gb, i5-9400 with Nvidia RTX 2060 and frankly I don't know I'm born - it's AMAZING! No more 10 second delays moving from frame to frame, exporting in 4k in what feels like real time (ok, not quite :D ) - Oh My God! This is going to make such a difference!

Now to transfer project files over and see what I can do!

Cheers guys - I'm loving this software even more.