Video not exporting properly!

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Greetings; I recently downloaded HitFilm Express. The video I am compiling is in 16:9 ratio. However, one of the videos included in them is of 9:16 ratio. Hence I used the transform option to fit it to height. However, when I do this, the video playback and the export show that this single video is completely choppy and unusable(frames are completely distorted), while the rest of the videos of the compilation are perfectly fine.

To counter this problem, I removed all the attributes for this video and I then changed the size/scaling of the video to <100%. After I did this, the playback of this video becomes normal again, but when I pause it, the still frames become distorted. Moreover, the export still shows the same issue as in the first case.

Please help me with this issue at the earliest.

All help appreciated.