My first Hitfilm Express composite shot

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    That is looking sweet, very convincing.

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    This is, overall, excellent work. Period.

    If we take into account it's your first Hitfilm effort, it's jaw dropping.

    The bonfire and smoke liven up those torches nicely, the masks you added in to control the torches spill light are perfectly placed. You matched the lighting positions well, so the actress is sitting well in the scene.

    A couple of minor nits - one of which I should have thought to bring up a couple of days ago in your other thread. So we'll hit that first. The torches are flickering, but the light on the actress is steady. This is best handled on-set by actually flickering the practical lights. How to approach this depends on the lights you're using and how many people you have. YouTube has tutorials on DIY flicker boxes or controllers, or, if you have some extra people, it can be as low tech as waving hands in front of lights. Just something to add some on-set flicker. With the existing shot you can animate/roto a Grade Layer mask on your actor, just like you did with the walls. Doing it in post is a pain (the Mocha add on would make this a lot easier). I'd say try it if you want the learning experience, but think you're better on moving to your next shot/experiment.

    Second - I'm guessing you shot through a practical gate to the green screen. A few of the edges of the gate are picking up some bright edge light. It's a little "hot" compared with the illumination, and the color is a bit too white when compared to the torch lights. This can be handled with a little color correction. Probably just by using color Curves to pull down the highlights a bit and by dropping the blue channel (and maybe a little green) just to get a little more orange. White balance might do it as well (push to a lower Kelvin). Or, a touch of Hue Colorize or Tint with an orange.

    Again, minor nits - I had to view the clip several times to really make the observations.

    And, again, excellent work. As Andy (vfxlists) said, it's very convincing. Keep going! 😁

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    @Triem23 Some shots for the movie are done a few years ago . I am gonna re-edit the movie this year and add some shots.

    I will finetune the gate but the flickering in the face will indeed be difficult in post

    I want to do the composite shots for the movie in Hitfilm, and there are a lot !!!.

    So I want to learn every curves of Hitfilm. The edit will be done in Vegas.

    I am hoping there will be a discount sale of the Pro version soon , will buy the full version for sure, I love the software ;-)

    A question ; I made a copy of the background (cellar) did a mask for the flicker shadows.

    I wanted to use the torch or the Bonfire effect as a parent to activate the flickering but that didn't work.

    So I keyframed the glow by hand . Is there a way to do this automatically ?