Sharp-sounding artifacts in music appear after exporting

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Hi, I'm not new to using HitFilm, but I am new to community discussions. If I've posted in the wrong place, please let me know. Anyways, onto the issue.

So a bit of background: I'm trying to use Hitfilm as a way to upload a game soundtrack I made to Youtube, and editing-wise I got no issues, it's actually worked out quite well. The issue I have actually stems from post-editing, where the music has these sharp-sounding bits that are noticably rough on the ears.

Ok, fine, I've had this issue before and have resolved it no problem. The solution? Well, the original audio is all made in FamiTracker (I make chiptunes), and they are converted to .wav files (in my case, projects can ONLY be exported as .wav audio files). I'll just convert them to .mp3 files using audacity, easy peasy! Keep in mind, the first time I did this, the audio files while editing were .wav files. So I convert those .wav files to .mp3, aaaaand now that doesn't work, the audio quality basically sounds the same. If I recall correctly, this wasn't an issue I was encountering when I had previously used the program.

Some have mentioned that there was a change put in place recently to counter some sort of bypassing addon, I can't remember quite what it was exactly, do let me know otherwise if I'm incorrect in any way. That said, if anyone knows of any ways to prevent these sharp-sounding oddities from happening, or even a factor that is behind this that can be fixed up (or literally anything else that's important), please do let me know! Much appreciated.



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    I'm not sure I understand your workflow or what exactly you're doing.

    So, why bother downgrading the quality of the .wav's you create in FamiTracker to mp3's before importing them into HitFilm? Is there some reason you cannot import them?

    Perhaps the mp3 format/bitrate/settings you've exported from Audacity are the problem?

    If I have a .wav file, I use it. I don't compress it to mp3 or any other format. Then re-compress again in HitFilm or any other video editing program { To Produce it/Export it } It only leads to further degradation.