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Beside my film making interests I'm fascinated about "making video games". Since my first computer (Sinclair ZX81) I love to program by myself to create computer games. Ok, the 8bit hardware is very very retro in our days so I changed over the years to Windows and Android.
And that it where Hitfilm come into the focus:
I am skilled to do basic pixel arts but specially creating complex sprites, explosions, fire and similar stuff like that I am far away to be an expert.
Hitfilm will assist me and I generate those effects within HF and doing an frame-by-frame-export into my graphic software to generate animated sprites. This works easily and is very time-saving.
My latest project for the Android platform (still working on it) is a casual game called "Bubble Trouble". I have done e.g. the fire ring effect with the help of HF. Within the game the animation looks fantastic.


  • CalebK
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    Looks cool dude! I use hitfilm for game making too, however you are probably much more experienced than I am.
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    Looks good Nuwanda,
    I do a bit of game programming myself. Started at school on Apple II's and BBC Microcomputers with self taught BASIC. Then got myself a C64 and taught myself Assembler and wrote a couple of working games. (Basic shoot-em-ups)
    My programming now days is normally limited to my work using .NET winforms!
    Recently purchased Construct 2, honestly just to play with it and have already published my first game on the Play Store.
    Shameless plug for my game here -> Shoot! Don't Shoot! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apps4billy.shootdontshoot
    ** The graphics were purchased! I am not anywhere near skilled enough to make characters like that  ;) 
    I also looked at using Hitfilm for explosions and shields. I found was that the Image Renders from Hitfilm did not keep the transparency in the PNG files. Did you find a way around that? Or did you just use an image editing program to remove the black?
  • Triem23
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    Hitfilm exports the transparency in a PNG, but you have to change the output file type to 32-bit.
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    Hitfilm exports the transparency in a PNG, but you have to change the output file type to 32-bit.

    OMG. You mean that the A in the RGBA file description next to 32-bit means Alpha Channel?
    I may currently be suffering from a small twitch in my eye from never having tried, or even looked at, that.
    Thanks heaps Triem23! (Honestly I need to pay more attention  :wacko: )

  • Nuwanda
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    @Caleb K:
    Thank you :) I think you will do nice gaming stuff as well !!
    Seems that we nearly have the same programming background. Did some stuff on .NET as well and on Lotus Notes Script.
    I installed your Android game some minutes ago. Well done and it's fun playing.
    Regarding the Hitfilm graphics export I used a "nearly" black background e.g. RGB: 12,12,12 (in hex: #0C0C0C) and select this as transparent color. This works well. To be sure - I didn't know that the PNG output file type 32 bit is doing the trick as well and better :blush:
    I coded two games till now for Android:
    It is more or less a hobby for me. I use Multimedia Fusion 2.5. Like Construct it is a nice tool for rapid development.
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