Final cut pro x vs Hitfilm pro

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I think I have reached the time to buy a more feature-rich editor.

I have two options final cut pro x and hitfilm pro.

I am confused 🤨 on which one to get.

Final cut pro is compared with Premiere pro, hitfilm pro isn't even talked about.

But I like hitfilm express.

Really confused


  • spyresca
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    Don't they all have trial versions that you can use to make your decision?

  • triforcefx
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    This is EXTREMELY generalized, but if you care more about EDITING and your setup is compatible with it, then Final Cut might be the best choice. If VFX and COMPOSITING are your top priority, then HitFilm is what you want.

    If you have a good mix of both, then I'd lean more towards HitFilm. (I'm biased though 😉)

    In other words, HitFilm is a very powerful VFX machine, with a decent but basic Editor attached.

    Final Cut is an amazing Editor, with a bit of VFX capability.

    If you're already familiar with HitFilm Express, you'll be able to jump right in with Pro. Final Cut might be a bit of a learning curve, though a lot of the skills are at least somewhat translatable.

    If you're doing professional video work, then Final Cut will probably look better on a resume, but if you're just working for yourself (professionally or not) it doesn't matter what you use as long as you can get the job done, which both programs are capable of - depending mostly on your VFX needs. Use what you're comfortable with.

  • Triem23
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    We're a Hitfilm forum. Of course the answer is "HITFILM IS THE BEST AND FCPX IS EVIL!"

    That's a joke.

    @triforcefx has really given the best answer here, but @spyresca is correct that there should be a 30-day demo of FCPX to try. You already know you Ike Hitfilm, so give FCPX a try and see how that works for you. Also give a look to the free version of DaVinci Resolve. See which program works best for you.

    Remember you can also use multiple programs. As triforce said, FCPX is a dedicated editor with a few VFX options while Hitfilm is a VFX program that has a basic editor. Maybe you prefer editing in FCPX but need Hitfilm's VFX abilities? Chances are you don't need VFX on every shot, so maybe you edit in FCPX but create VFX shots in HF, render them and bring them to FCPX! Many people on the forum have a similar workflow, including me. I edit in Vegas Pro, but do animation/VFX in Hitfilm. @GrayMotion is one user who uses both FCPX and Hitfilm so he might have specific insights. There are users who move between HF and Resolve.

    Take your time, use the demo of FCPX, try Resolve, compare to Hitfilm, and see what works best for you before you spend your money. Any questions about specific features, bring them here.

  • guruthethe
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    Thanks a lot! This is unlike any other forum I have ever seen.

    Awesome! Thanks!

    I don't need much VFX and compositing for how-to tutorials, so I'll go with fcpx!

    Thanks again!

  • GrayMotion
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    You've made up your mind already it seems and personally I think a good choice.

    Pros -

    -FCPX is a one time fee. Updates are Free for life.

    -5 machine licenses.

    -Easy to learn and use.

    -Background Rendering.

    -Very stable. Hardly a crash to be found

    -Autosave. Note: If you save all your footage in the Library the Library can get huge!!! I DO save all footage to the library in case I move or lose footage saved elsewhere on my machine but like I say...the Library(s) can get HUGE. I have 4 Library ranging from 2gig to 15gig

    -Plugin expansion. There are tons of plugins for FCPX .. a few of my favorites are Hitfilm Ignite, mO2 (Real 3D Rendering Engine) and mTracker 3D from MotionVFX


    -Mac only

    -Audio editing. Lacks tools for professional audio standards (Like Premier Pro). If you want more control over you audio then you'll have to add Logic to your tool box.

    Advanced Effects (Special Effects)

    While FCPX does not have tools for special effects Apple did create Motion. Motion is like After Effects to Premier Pro. Motion is also a one time fee (50$) and updates for life FREE.

    Note: While FCPX will run on most any Mac's it's like any other software...the more powerful the machine the smoother your editing goes.

  • triforcefx
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    @guruthethe Don’t forget, you can definitely still use HitFilm if you ever need a more advanced VFX shot... even the Express version has plenty to offer!

  • FilmSensei
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    @guruthethe I agree with @triforcefx. Don't toss your copy of HitFilm out the window. Consider it a tool among many that you have in your tool box. As Triforce said, HitFilm Express is free, so you might as well use it! You never know when that particular tool is exactly what you need for the job. Other than that, if you ever need anything from us here on the FXhome forums, don't hesitate to ask! 😀