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Are there any ways in Hitfilm Express to re-create the BlurMoCurves? (especially the 'Shift Texture' feature)


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    @Fiamツ ,

    I'm not sure what you mean by { Shift Texture } feature.

    However, from what I've observed on YouTube. BlurMoCurves is a Boris FX plugin that adds motion blur to zoom ins and outs as a transition/effect. { Generally speaking } With a lot of parameters to play with.

    Like most Boris FX plugins. Its all wrapped up in a nice tidy bow. Easier to work with and more comprehensive.

    Usually much easier than to re-create the same look from scratch. That being said.

    You can zoom in and out with HitFilm. You can apply Blur with key-framing, easing and bezier curves.

    There are texture filters. I'm not sure what exactly your after?

    In the example above I applied a zoom blur and varied its strength. The image starts and ends in focus.

    You can experiment with different blurs and effects and see where they take you.

    I tried to upload an animated GIF of the transition. Apparently were limited to stills, its the image directly above this one.

    Thats a shame, a quick GIF can show and explain a lot. I've used them extensively in another forum.

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    I edited my comment and accidentally deleted it?


    BlurMoCurves seems to be { Primarily } a Zoom in and Zoom out transition with blur applied. { In a nut shell }

    Its a Boris FX plugin with a lot of parameters. So its probably easier to work with than doing it manually. Plus, its designed to tweak the effect quickly.

    That being said.

    HitFilm can Zoom In and Zoom out. It can apply Blurs. You can apply keyframes to vary the strength of the effects and apply easing.

    There are texture filters available.

    You can experiment with the various filters and adjustments.