[FEATURE] Add MIDI functionality - triggering FX/functions by MIDI

HitFilmer53348 Posts: 4 Just Starting Out

For several reasons, it would be great, if HitFilm does work with MIDI in an audio track/audio input:

  • use MIDI with a plugin = music in timeline with defined BPM
  • this music can define a "cut grid" and/or easily customized to length of the video
  • MIDI has information like note, pitch, velocity etc.: each Info could be used for automization of FX, e.g.: every "C" note makes a solid blue, every "D" note makes a solid purple and so on, with an easy learn function (only transient or whole sustain driven)
  • that helps to create music driven FX
  • also it is same principle for every MIDI controller like an ICON G2: just move a fader and tell the software, what should be influenced with that. That may be the fader of an audio track, but that also may be a colour slider for color correction - as you learn the software command to
  • several competitors have MIDI functions included: please implement and make it fun to use in your software