Fractal/Glitch Effect on only visible part of layer

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I've followed Javert's video on using fractal effect to create a glitch effect, and it's doing what I an extent :)

I've got a chroma-keyed composite shot of myself in front of a green screen and I want just myself to glitch, not the entire layer - is that possible? I've added a coloured background to the layer to show what I mean - I only want the effect on the blue me bit.

If anyone has any suggestions on that or how to produce some sort of interference/glitch, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.


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    @SadOldGoth You most likely will need to bake in the keying by making that layer into its own Composite Shot (Pre-Composing it). That way, the key happens first, then the glitching is adding only to the keyed footage, not the whole layer.

  • SadOldGoth
    SadOldGoth Posts: 8 Just Starting Out*

    Well, I'm not sure YOU'RE qualified to answer ;)

    Awesome, getting a response from Jay Haynes himself - Cor!!

    The keyed element was in it's own comp shot, though I hadn't pre-comp'd it; maybe that was the issue - I'll try again when the current set has finished rendering. To return the favour of advice - NEVER try to edit and composite (4k) on a Dell Inspiron 15 5000, it will drain the life out of you.

    Thanks for the guidance, I'll let you know how it goes.