Your favorite movie soundtracks and scores?

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  • Triem23
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    Well, I have five CD binders. One and a half are Sound Effects, half is pre-1940s music (dating back to medieval music). Two are soundtracks and scores, and one is... Everything else.

    Moving to mp3 messes up the estimate a bit, but it's fair to say I collect soundtracks/scores.

    Some faves...

    • I agree on the Conan, and if you don't have the two-disc edition that's remastered and featuring alternate tracks, get it. Did you know Basil was always unhappy with this score? He felt the orchestra was sloppy. They were (you can hear in "Anvil of Crom" how out-of-unison the french horns are), but it worked. "Barbarian," right? Uncivilized. The slop is just enough to enhance, not detract.
    • Star Wars (any John Williams).
    • The Black Hole. John Barry's best.
    • Transformers (1986). Vince DeCola's score (although the songs are mostly good). The initial release of the score was only 1000 copies. I pirated it from online, then sent a check to Vince's agent with a note ("Hey, this CD goes for a thousand bucks on ebay. I won't pay that much for a CD, but here's a $20 check for you since I stole it. If this was re-issued I'd grab it."). A year later the score was remastered and re-issued, so I bought it. Basically, I'm taking credit for the re-issue. Never heard back from Vince or his rep, but the check was cashed.
    • Star Trek II. Man, the Mutara battle is amazing and the rising strings during the intercuts of Genesis forming with Kirk running to engineering makes me tear up every time.
    • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. For TAS Shirley Walker had a 30-piece orchestra. For MotP she had a 100-piece and a 50-person choir, and it's EPIC.
    • Lord of the Rings. All of Howard Shore's score is amazing. Personal highlight, the Balrog battle with all the rugby players grunting like mad as percussion.
  • tddavis
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    I collected in earnest in my younger teen years. Had most of the Bond movies if not all up until The Living Daylights. Cds and married life put an end to soundtrack collecting (although, I do have a fair number on CD) and comic collecting. Divorce got rid of that collection though a long time ago. Still have the LPs in a storage tote standing upright...or I think I do unless they were a casualty of the Great Storage Unit robbery of '16, that is.

  • FilmSensei
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    I collect soundtracks also. Anything by John Williams, Danny Elfman, Henry Mancini, Hans Zimmer, Elmer Bernstein and Max Steiner are my favorites.

    @Triem23 is right, though... The Black Hole soundtrack is fantastic!

    Let's be honest though, with all due respect to John Williams, Max Steiner is the GOAT! He wrote the book on film music composition.

  • iamkhanproductions
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    I do, im a sucker for soundtracks, my list..

    Brian Tyler - Battle LA OST

    Black Hawk Down OST

    Blade OST

    Daft Punk - Tron Legacy OST

    Hans zimmer - Interstellar OST

    Hans Zimmer - Man of steel OST

    Hans Zimmer - The Dark knight OST

    Transformers The Score - Stebe Jablonski

    Transformers - The Last Knight Score


  • FilmSensei
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    What do you think of the AFI List of Best Film Scores before the year 2000?

  • Georgefilm
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    Oh man, I'm one too - my list (don't know most composers).

    The Good The Bad And The Ugly

    Ludwig Goeransson - The Mandalodian OST

    John Williams - Star Wars OST

    John Williams - Indiana Jones OST

    Danny Elf man - Batman Theme

    John Barry - James bond Theme

    Shirley Bassey - Gold finger

    Also, the creator of this discussion joined right when his first post was so...@Triem23 ?

  • premiere_studios
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    I don't have CD's but my list is:

    Very much Star Wars ((John Williams and Rogue One( Michael Giacchino))

    Danny Elfman( Batman, Age of Ultron theme, Justice League)

    Blake Neely (The Flash and other CW shows)

    Hans Zimmer (Wonder Woman theme)

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    I loved the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I'll also mention Mark Isham who composed the soundtrack for October Sky and also for A River Runs Through It, among others. Very different compositions from the driven, high energy music associated with so many movies, but very enjoyable nonetheless.


  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    My favorite soundtrack are sorted more by artist than movie,

    Oldest to newest

    The soundtrack from I SPY (50s show, Cosby/Culp)

    Anything by Vince Guaraldi (yes, thats Peanuts/Charlie brown) I'm a Guaraldi fanatic, more so because he is to a large extent unknown past the peanuts stuff, and therefore there are few resources for people like me who want to play it his stuff.

    John williams is always impressive, but I'm best acquainted with the Tintin soundtrack then the others.

    Lord of the rings soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece, I had downloaded, listened, and learned to play the "Concerning Hobbits" track long before I watched it.

  • laconstantedeplanck
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    OMG soundtracks!! I love them. 

    There are three composers that I absolutely love: John Williams, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer. I have a bunch of OST from John Williams, including almost every Star Wars soundtrack (only missing The Rise of Skywalker and The Attack of the Clones). Jurassic Park is also one of my favorites. That's a classic masterpiece :) 

    Alan Silvestri is another beast. From classic movies like Back To The Future to the most epic Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, he's an incredible composer. 

    And what to tell about Hans Zimmer? Interstellar, The Last Samurai, Gladiator, The Rock, Pearl Harbor...  

    I love cinema. It's such a complex industry with lots of different people involved that somehow manage to get a product that might hit you so hard, creating some special moments in your life. Who does not remember the first time watching X movie? 

    Long live the cinema industry :) 

  • StevenSpicer
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    Anything that Hans Zimmer does is my absolute jam, but I'm of the firm belief that a great soundtrack can make or break a film.

  • tddavis
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    @StevenSpicer Absolutely! All the proof one needs of that is to watch some DVD extras of footages with no soundtrack. A totally different movie most times. 😁

  • Dewr
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    Star Trek The Motion Picture, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service and The Empire Strikes Back.

    One of my relatives by marriage, my stepfather’s younger sisters husband, joined the LSO at the time and Empire was his first job with them.

    I’m also a fan of the early 80’s music for Doctor Who by the Radiophonic Workshop, especially the theme arrangement for that period.

  • Triem23
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    @Dewr your stepfather's younger sister's hubby... What instrument?

    I'll also ask which Doctor Who theme version. You mean the Peter Howell used to Tom Baker's last season through Peter Davison, or the Dominic Glynn arrangement used for Colin? I actually enjoy both greatly. Delia Derbyshire's arrangements (1963-81) remain my favorite(s), but Howell and Glynn are my second and third.

  • Dewr
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    The Peter Howell arrangement. It's the one I grew up with. And is still my favourite.

  • Dewr
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    He played violin, later became First Violin,. Lennox Mackenzie.

    He retired from the LSO a few years ago. Also played on the Prequels, and on the Harry Potters.