How do I use glitch stock footage to displace text?

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Go to this video to timestamp 0:26:

I have the pack, but I've got no idea how to do what they did there in the video. I'm using HitFilm Express. I don't think Set Matte really works for it, because it just changes the text's texture, but doesn't move any part of it around like what was shown in the video. Thanks.

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    Tutorial. Not a Glitch effect, but it's the same thing and, discusses what Displacement actually does, and covers the sliders.

    Hitfilm has a LOT of filters. Even I overlook things after 8+ years. Some have odd names.

    Incidentally, the tutorial will show you how to set up a comp shot as the Displacement layer. A comp with animated fractal noise in Block mode makes a great Glitch. Search YouTube for "Glitch Tutorial Hitfilm" and you'll find other methods as well.