Cannot Activate my Hitfilm Express 2017 !

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Yes, I know that you have a newer version of Hit Film Express and it is free. BUT here's the thing, I am using a Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit OS and I do have 6GB DDR Ram and with an 120GB SSD Drive and also with a 500GB external HDD and another 500GB External HDD as well. Its an I5

I tried downloading and installing the newest version of your HitFilm Express. Downloading and installation is all fine. But when it came to running the software, I was hit with so many error messages. I searched all over the internet to find solutions to the error messages I was getting. then only Realized that My machine does not EVEN hit the minimum requirements to run the NEWEST version of HitFilm express, since I am using a Win 7 64bit version.

The newest versions only support Win 8 and Win 10 if I'm not mistaken. So This was my reason to find a version where a Win 7 64 bit version can be used. I found out that Your Hit Film Express 2017 version is the version that I can install and use. So, After downloading and following all the instructions. I am unable to Activate the software.

I checked my account and it did say that I have a serial code given in the account, but As I copy and paste that Serial Code in the activation screen, it tells me another error message : Your Serial is only valid for Hitfilm Express.

Please guys, How Do I actually activate this older version ? Please give me the way to activate it or at least, Please allow Windows 7 64 bit users to use your Newer Versions. For Me Win 8 and win 10 Really is a big no no for me, since I'm more of a YouTuber and I do videos for my channel. I am REALLY depending on a good video editing software to get my videos online. The Older editting tool I've been using seem to be really MORE Buggy and waay too slow for me to use anymore. But my machine specs arent that bad isnt it ?

DDR 6GB RAM with an i5 Processor and with a combined HDD Space of around 1TB aint that bad innit ?


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    @projectcovershack You may need to deactivate the current version first. Go to File, Activation and Deactivate Program. Uninstall and re-install the version you want, then re-activate.

    Also, appreciate you listing specs, but unless I missed it what is your GPU and which version of i5? Minimum specs to run the program are listed here

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    Windows 7 is a security risk now, deprecated and not supported. You don't do yourself any favors by staying with it.

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    If the suggestion from @Stargazer54 doesn't work, I suggest contacting FXhome support directly. This is primarily a user forum. While FXhome staff do post on occasion, they don't handle personal account issues here. The rest of us—including moderators—are fellow users and not official FXhome staff.

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    @projectcovershack You cannot get a new serial for HitFilm Express 2017. It is a completely different product from HitFilm Express (version 8 and higher). You can only activate HitFilm 2017 if you had a serial back then. It doesn’t sound like you do.

    The current HitFilm Express license which you have will support HitFilm Express version 11, which was the last version of Express to work properly with Windows 7.

    I will say this though, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by sticking with Windows 7. I’m curious to hear your reasons for keeping it around. The more time goes by, the less software support you’ll have (And not just with HitFilm). You become more vulnerable to cyber attacks every day. You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free.

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    @projectcovershack you've been given conflicting information here. In this case, @triforcefx has the correct answer - HF 2017 is a different program from the current Hitfilm Express, if you didn't already have it, no new serials are being issued, HF 11 is the last with Win 7 supoort, and Win 7, much as I loved it... Time to upgrade. Win 7 is dead, receives no new security patches or GPU updates.

    You can download HF 11 here.