[Feature] DaVinci Resolve "Magic Mask" (This is similar to Rotobrush)

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Davinci Resolve now has auto mask. draw a line over a human and his body outline is masked and the mask tracks the body. Hitfilm needs this. So many features are in so many apps. Like every app lets you EQ audio or fade video in and out. I love Hitfilm but don't want to have to buy Resolve when I already own HitFilm Pro.


  • jackschoening
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    I think that the Roto-Brush would be cool to have in Hitfilm, however I don't think it is realistic to have a Roto-Brush anytime soon so I think that the magic mask is much more possible.

  • Triem23
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    @jackschoening Magic mask seems (to me) much harder to code than a rotobrush. Rotobrush takes a rough-drawn outline and uses AI to refine along a contrasting edge, while Magic mask takes a dot and has to AI extrapolate an entire shape.

    The two are actually similar enough where I considered combining the threads. Both use AI to extrapolate a shape.

    That said, Magic Mask is optimized for a "human" shape where rotobrush grabs any shape. Of the two I'd rather have the rotobrush.

  • jackschoening
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    I didn't completely read over the original request so I thought it was you draw your own mask, but then it will track it, but I realized this is similar to the Roto-Brush as it works as a brush.

  • jackschoening
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    But even just a quick way to track a mask would be nice without 3rd party plug-ins i.e. Mocha.