Can I use Hitfilm Express to make YouTube videos to make money?

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I know it's a dumb question but I just want specific clarification and assurance.

Can I use Hitfilm Express to edit my YouTube videos with the intention to get money through YouTube ads, Patreons, and Sponsors?

Do I have to give attribution or give credit to Hitfilm Express whenever I use it to edit my YouTube videos?


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    You're fine. Create away!

  • TerryS
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    What doesn't seem to be stated with clarity here..................NO, you do not have to give attribution to HitFilm.

    Thought I'd throw that in. {:>)

  • GlenMoore1
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    I don't understand at all why monetization of my content has become SUCH a complex system. After all, if you give people what they want and what they watch, isn't it in the interests of YouTube to help with the monetization of this account?
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    @GlenMoore1 Nope. YouTube is NOT is the business of helping you, or any other creator, make money. YouTube is in the business of making money for the ALPHABET conglomorate (You know, that thing that Google broke itself into to avoid antitrust and monopoly lawsuits? "Google" is the "G" part of Alphabet, while "YouTube" is "Y.").

    YouTube doesn't give a rat's whisker for any channel with fewer than about 100,000 subs. Only then does YOUTUBE make enough ad revenue from a channel for it to be worth YouTube's time. Remember, a few years ago ANY channel could be monetized. Now you have to have over 1000 subscribers AND over 10,000 hours of views per year to earn ad revenue. If your channel falls below those thresholds adds will still show on your channel, but YouTube will take 100% of the ad revenue, and you will get 0%.

    And, because YouTube has the name recognition and huge library it doesn't matter how much YouTube hurts their users or not, because people are still going to upload videos there.

    Putting it another way - YouTube literally doesn't want to give you any money at all, and they know you'll jump through all their hoops trying to scrounge for the few pennies they'll throw you of the dollars they'll make. The system is designed to screw you over.

    On the other hand, if you're a channel with millions of subscribers - like PewDiePie or Logan/Jake Paul, you can put up whatever you want - you can violate YouTube's Terms of service, you can livestream yourself having sex with your girlfriend, you can spout racist rhetoric, you can taser a dead body (all of which are real things that have been done just by Logan Paul), and YouTube will issue a press release saying "that was bad," they'll block your monetization for a week (which means for a week YouTube get's 100% of the ad revenue while Logan Paul got 0%), then everything will go back to normal. PewDiePie and the Paul brothers make lots of money for YouTube, so they get the support. You and I make no money for YouTube, so...

  • Andy001z
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    The days of making money just from YouTube are long gone, unless you are super talented, super connected, dam lucky and fit the mythical algorithm of YouTube. But shoot for the stars, go for it. Just have a back up plan for money until your subs are in the billions. :)