Duplicated composite shots are linked

HLW_NYC Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

HitFilm Pro 16.0.10807.58344

I am creating a 30 second clip where the word Thank You will reveal itself many times in many languages. I created an initial composite shot with 3 layers.

  1. a text layer
  2. a plane to serve as a line for the text to appear from, width is the width of the text layer
  3. a mask layer to hide the text until it reveals using key frames.

Once I had that working I duplicated the layer and changed the text from "Thank you" to "Danke" and decreased the width of the plane to match the smaller word. The width of the plane also changed on my original composite.

Did some searching and found a solution that discussed duplicating the composite in the media panel, this did not change the behavior.