Rendering issues (I think)

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I'm having issues when editing my videos on Hitfilm Express, in that part of the footage disappears. On my old computer (with a very old graphics card) it came out as green frames, one or two frames at a time. On a brand new laptop which is supposed to be ok for editing I get large sections (several seconds or the whole clip) of just black film, the audio works fine, any additions such as text works fine, just the video that goes.

Does anyone know what may be causing this, please?

I am very new to editing, technical vocabulary may go over my head, but I'm grateful for any suggestions of what may cause or what may help.

Many thanks,

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  • TheBenNorris
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    Please use MediaInfo to give us a text breakdown of the footage you're using that's causing these issues, and make sure your drivers are all updated.

    It would be useful to know your exact specs too.