Need help integrating two colors together for a Overlay background

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I need help trying to get two colors to work together. I need to get the Yellow mask to pass over the Pink layer. This in simple enough to do, but I will also have other shapes rotating above the pink layer that are yellow. I wish to make the the shapes turn to pink as the yellow mask passes over the shapes.

I could be going about this all wrong, and was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction on how to do this.

The image above basically shows what I wish to accomplish. The yellow will be moving across the screen to the right, then loop after 10 seconds. This will be part of a Overlay Background for OBS.


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    Even this might be over-complicating it, but make a Comp, design the pattern and shape animation with one set of colors (preferably in 2 layers using Fill color for the colors). Once you’ve got it looking how you like, duplicate the comp and swap the colors. Drag both versions into a new comp and mask

  • triforcefx
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    Actually, I was just playing with it and the threshold effect makes everything easier in this situation. Make a pattern with any two (non-similar) colors in its own comp. Make a new comp, then add the pattern comp twice. add Threshold to both and select the two colors you want for each layer. Add the mask. Now if you want to go back and adjust the pattern, you can and it will update in both the layers for easy adjustments

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    What I would do is instead of having the shapes pass OVER the BG colors of pink and yellow, is to cut holes in the pink and yellow background exposing the other color below. Using a Set Matte Effect would do the trick. Check out this project file to see what I mean.

    In this file, I have created a Pink on Top Plane with a corresponding a Yellow Underneath the Pink On Top Plane, along with a Yellow on Top Plane and a Pink Underneath the Yellow On Top Plane. I then put a Grade Layer under everything. A Set Matte Effect goes on both "On Top" Planes set to Subtract Blend sourcing the grade. Anything that gets put under the Grade Layer gets cut out of the "On Top" layer thereby exposing the "Underneath Layer." I hope this makes sense!

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    I downloaded your MediaFire file.

    I received a .XML file.

    I cannot figure out how to use it or import it?

    I'm running Hit Film 2018 and Hit Film Express 16

    Most of this level of editing is a bit over my head. I'm pretty good with Photoshop and understand layers and blending modes. Video speaks another language to accomplish pretty much the same thing. Which is unfortunate. Confusing what is probably a very simple topic.

    Thanks for any feedback

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    Black background, white triangles.

    Move a WHITE PLANE over the BG. Set the White Plane to DIFFERENCE mode. This creates the proper relationship of tones in black and white.

    Create a Grade Layer. Now, the issue here is are you Pro or Express, and what add on packs do you have? You could use Duo Tone to define a Pink and Yellow, but that's an Add-on. You could adjust Curves to create a Pink at the Black point and a Yellow at the White Point. Or, use Color Map and define pink at the black point and yellow at the white point. Any of these gets you colorized.

    Video and photo editing are nearly identical skill sets. Some terms are different and the workflow chain is a bit different, but, with video you're just messing with 24/30/60 pictures per second. You got this. As you learn, try to see how Hitfilm's effects are similar to a photo editor. Curves snd Duo Tone will be identical to a photo app. So will blend modes. Your photo app might have a "Gradient Map." Same thing as HF's Color Ramp.

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    I have Hit Film Pro, I was hoping you would share a project file.

    I can load that and decipher whats in front of me much better comprehension accompanying the written words. I share project files from another video editing program { Camtasia } to aid others. The only problem is I'm running 2018 so I need compatible project files. If you don't have 2018 on your machine you probably can't help me. I've even pulled off some pretty impressive special effects in Premiere Pro with plugins.

    For all I know a Grade Layer is the equivalent of a Adjustment or Color Matte or Black Video layer in Premiere Pro.

    To be quite honest I haven't had much time for editing so I canceled Adobe subscription and purchased Hit Film Pro 2018. I'm in a position to start investing time now.

    Now I'm not so sure I should throw years of Adobe experience in the toilet to start anew? I've already lost time on this one simple subject.

    I don't understand how that .xml file you shared benefits anyone? I'd like to as I'm seriously giving Hit Film a whirl.

  • TerryS
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    Triem 23,

    Perhaps I was being lazy . I looked up Grade Layer and see its the same as an adjustment layer in Premier Pro.

    I was trying to grasp the effect Manga_Joe was referring to.

    My skills are rusty. I havent been editing for over a year.

    I'm still trying to grasp how that .xml file comes into play?

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    @TerryS The file is called "Two Color Overlay BG.hfp" and should work in your version of HitFilm 16. Click the link above and then press the blue button that says "DOWNLOAD (160.52KB)."

    @Triem23's solution is a good one as well, so read through that also!

    Good luck!

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    Thanks, I probably would have gone @Triem23 's route or something quite similar myself. Your suggestion intrigued me and I'm always on the lookout for different approaches.

    For starters, I need to familiarize myself Hit Films terminologies & workflows. I've played around with it a bit in the past. Produced some basic videos with basic effects added.

    To be honest, I know Premier Pro's core functionality by heart and could pick it right back up. They've updated and added new features. Which have pros and cons. I consider myself reasonably effective & proficient with many effects. But I don't do enough editing to justify a subscription model. If you go with Premiere, you should use dynamic linking to Audition,PhotoShop, After Effects { Which I use Little } its complicated. Which means your in for the full ride of $50 or $60 a month.

    I'm just a hobbyist these days. I used to have a few clients and the applications payed for themselves.

    Anyway, I'm way off topic here.

    Thanks for the feedback..