I have imported an MP4 of images moving over a dull white bg. How can I brighten the white bg?

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I have imported an MP4 video of simple images moving over a dull white background. How can I brighten the white background?

It's gotta be simple--I'm a beginner. And it doesn't have to be perfect--just a marginal improvement is okay.


  • EvilDaystar
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    It depends on the video.

    You could use a simple curve to brighten the highlights but thats going to brighten all the highlights not just the background.

    You would mask out the background and just brighten that but it depends on the animations.

    You could go back to whoever made the video and have them fix the source ... unless the footage is stolen?

    No easy suggestion without seeing the video.

  • misra15
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    I'd suggest using a curves effect. However, that is if you are comfortable with having the highlights of the images also brightened. Otherwise if you are only targeting the background and your system meets the specs use the magic mask in Resolve 17 by making marks on the moving images then inverting the mask to only include the background. Afterward use the curve to brighten your background.

  • Dimipapa
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    Are the images all the same dimensions? Then something like masking them out, and put a white plane behind the clip could work