Merging audio with sequential video clips

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Like most photo cameras mine records video as multiple 4G/30 min files. I need to sync the separate audio recording with the video. The merge feature only works for the first clip understandably, and there doesn't seem to be a way to combine the multiple video clips into a single clip. Aside from manually trying to sync the tracks, which I have not had much success with, is creating a project to combine and export the video as one file, and then another project to merge the resulting video with the audio the only way? It seems like this would be a really common situation. It would help if there were a way to just export (i.e. combine) the clips in their native format so it doesn't have to do any actual rendering.


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    Option 1

    Manually line up the external audio with the embedded audio using the wave forms as guides .

    I normally either slate or do 3 claps to give me spikes to line up.

    Option 2

    Combine the clips into one file, export that and synch the audio?

    99% of the time, I do option #1

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    Something else you could do is load the clips (includong the video files) in a daw like reaper to do your audio lineup and export the track out.

    I'll be honest. I do 80% of my audio work for video in Reaper.