[FEATURE] Add a Choose Install Location Button (Hitfim already has this)

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In the installer for HitFilm Express, there is no option to choose where Hitfilm Express installs to, I would prefer to have HitFilm somewhere else on my computer but it can only install into a preset location.




  • Triem23
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    Uninstall Hitfilm. Run the Installer. Choose "Custom" installation. Select your location.

    I've installed HF in a custom location since v2.

    Note, no matter where you install Hitfilm a certain amount of data is created on the OS drive anyway, as required by Windows (can't speak for Mac).

    In Hitfilm itself in the File>Options Menus you'll be able to customize where cache, prerender, and autosave files go as well as default locations for other things. I have custom file trees for all of this.