Createing a video effect not sure how to mimic this style?

GarethOwen Posts: 233 Enthusiast

HI i was maybe thinking of doing a music video for a friend and i wanted to try and recreate this kind of effect from Linking park waitig for the end and i am going to use Hitfilm Pro and maybe photoshop as well if need be, but my aim is to try and do it in HItfilm if possible.

from looking at these, it seems to be a combination between Plexus and geometry effects. as overlays or as a displacement map. Also what i believe is like audio wave forms or maybe a bump map? But this is where i get lost. Dose anyone else have any idea or if its possible to use Hitfilm Pro without any 3rd party plugins if possible.

I watched a making of from this and they are be hide a sold backdrop also but could be achieved by either roto or removing any basic backdrops.

If anyone could share any advice that would be fantastic thank you :)