Live with Sensei: Season 3 Has Now Ended

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Live with Sensei: Season 3 will be starting soon!

For those who have never seen it, "Live with Sensei" is a live-streaming show that happens once per week. My guest(s) and I talk about different things relating to HitFilm and filmmaking in general.

In the previous seasons, my guests have included @spydurhank, @GrayMotion, @CoastToCoastDrones, @Triem23, @JavertValbarr, @IamJoshuaDavies, @DafterThings, @CleverTagline, @zach_alan, @Film_Empire, @NXVisualStudio, @Mistery1307, @triforcefx, @ndpproductions, @tddavis, @solosamurai_whatchef, @CourtneyP, @UwaisAdam with RedAlert, Chris Kelly and Adrian Jensen with @ProductionCrate, and more! I will be posting more about "Live with Sensei: Season 3" here in this thread as we get closer.

If you would like to be on the show, please let me know! I would be delighted to have you. You can either comment here in this thread, or direct message me either here in the forum, to my Twitter account (, to my Facebook Page (, or directly to my email ([email protected]).

I am looking forward to it! 😁