New at editing, I don't know the terms but I have a question...

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I am trying to set up specific pictures to appear at specific points during an audio file (like an old slide show.) Then once complete, this entire thing will be using in several still different projects, like opening credits. I'm wondering, if there is a way to "link" or "lock" all the photo files to the audio. AND if there is a way to use the same thing in multiple projects. Any direction to a tutorial is appreciated, I apologize for not knowing the correct terms yet, I am brand new at this.


  • EvilDaystar
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    Embed them into a composite shot.

    Select them all using ... ermm ... not st my desk right now .. ctrl or shift, can't remember. Then right click and make composite.

    You can then save that composite as a hitfilm composite shot and import it whenever you need it.

    If you need more specefic instructions let us know.

  • Triem23
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    @EvilDaystar annoyingly you cannot send multiple Editor clips to a comp shot..

    What's the use case for this? If it's the same photos every time, maybe with different text, best option is just to render it out and treat as stock footage.

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    Do you want to "group" all those together in one "block"? I think @Triem23 is, right... you can use the in/out markers and just export (in to out area) that part then use as any video in any editing project

  • tamarako
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    Thank you for your help. There is so much to learn. I am trying to make a "template" (probably not the correct term) for a show intro. Similar to opening credits on a tv show. I am currently having to reconstruct it each time, or cut and paste it from one show to the new show (using ctrl c and p). Isn't there a way to "lock" my finished "opening credits" save the file, and then load it, exactly as it is, into a new design? (I did learn the hard way never to move or rename files!)

    The purpose of this is an introduction to a video lesson. But there is a series of lessons, which will use the same exact introduction.

    I truly appreciate your direction, but I don't even know what to search for to find an appropriate instructional video! :)

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    Is the introduction in a Composite Shot or is it sitting on the Editor Timeline?

  • RikVargard
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    So if it's the exact same intro every time, and you have it in your first video and , let's say it's 15 seconds, then you could create an IN point et 00'00 (key "i"), then go to 15 seconds and create an OUT point (key "o") and then when you export, you choose "in to out area" to make a video just of your intro that you can use in every project.

    To do that, on the right of "export", you have an arrow showing to the right with 4 lines. If you click on that you can choose "import now" >" in-to-out area" so only your intro will be exported as a movie.

    And then you just have to import like any other media and put it in the beginning of your editor.

    I hope I understood your problem... I hope this helps😅

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    FilmSensei - it is sitting on the Editor Timeline.

    RikVargard- okay, that might be what I am looking to do. will give it a shot. My concern is that the sound does not end at the same place that the visuals do...the sound fades into the beginning of the "program."


    EUREKA! It worked. I had to play around with the link and unlink, but I got it to do what I wanted. This will save me a lot of time. Thank you SOOOOO much!!!

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    @tamarako Well done!! 😊👍️