Hi Im new here and I think I've found a showstopper bug on my second day as a HF user.

synclab Posts: 5 Just Starting Out*

Hello my name is Juan (synclab) from Mexico, I just bought the Black Friday bundle with tons of add ons, just starting on editing video and VFX, mainly an music/audio guy here. I'm very grateful that I could get all of these add ons and help a bit some charity even if I payed 69 US. As soon as I get can afford for the pro version I will jump into the band wagon. Very happy now. New things to learn.

Anyhow I started making a video simple stuff 2 video tracks, 2 audio tracks some testimonials video for a client added a titles composition template to the start of the project edited its text, deleted text on a second line, then copied the clip to another. part of the time line changed the text, changed its duration. Then returned to the clip at the start of the project to adjust the duration to reflect the second clip, and upon touching it HitFilm Crashed immediately,

Upon reopening HF (I assume it has an autosave feature) I selected the project launched it again and the second clip was missing (saved before the duplicate I've made ) just the first one was present on the timeline touched it again and bam HF vanished into thin air again. I launched it again same procedure but this time tried to select the clip by dragging select and upon touching it the app crashed again, repeated the process and deleted the titles track and saved and everything returned to normal. So this is a serious bug I closed the mac report, forgot to mention Im on a 2016 MBP 16Gb Ram with an i7 processor.

with HFExpress 15.

So I reported it here because I don't know where to do reports yet, I purchased HF 2 days ago this is my first post. SO my question is tis is this a known issue ? if it is a common issue whats the work around? if its not I hope you can address it in next version. I mean I'm doing very basic stuff here trying up title templates. Thanks in advanced. I hope this is helpful in someway. 😁