Watermark and twang after exporting

Whenever I export this video I'm making, there is a giant watermark of the logo that takes up the whole screen as well as an obnoxious guitar twang-esque sound every two seconds. I'm told the watermark happens when using add ons so I purchased the addon that required payment yet the same problem still occurs. Could someone please help me?

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  • joshuamitchell
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    Not that I can see anywhere here unless I'm not looking in the right spot. I've literally just downloaded the software today so I'm quite new to it all

  • Triem23
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    In the top right corner of the interface, the orange "Activate" button means you haven't activated the software.

    Click that button. If it asks for an email, use the same account you entered when downloading (which should also be the same email as your forum account).

    If it asks for a serial number you can get that here.

    After activation, close and reopen Hitfim, which should activate your add-ons.


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