[Enhancement] Motion Graphics Basics - Roll your own?

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See this thread for more info, but it's as true now as it was in April 2017:


As the current Motion Graphics offerings are a little light , it would (still) be useful to be able to roll our own and save them as Presets. The thread explains how you can do that by turning off most of the features of a few Effects and repurposing them; but no one effect contains all the basics, hence using 3 or 4 of them for different features, depending on what each can do.

What we'd need would be an 'Empty' effect that is almost like a Point, but with a few extra things added like Motion Blur and a few other bells and whistles. By itself it does nothing... you add the magic - or someone makes a tutorial and you copy them.

You simply add a few keyframes to it to bounce, rotate, zoom, flap, wiggle, etc. then save it as a Preset. You can then drag'n'drop it on anything in any project and it will do the action. Couldn't be easier to use, or implement. Saving mini-projects or Composites with actions in them is impractical and awkward, which is why no one does it.

They could easily be combined as well, so you could have a whole load of Whizz On effects and a separate load of Whizz Off effects. You can then produce different combinations by using any one from each Set. As they're just made up of Keyframes, you can change their lengths or speeds by simply dragging those along the timeline, or shrinking them or stretching them out.

It's not a new idea, but I thought three and a half years is a long enough wait to be worth bringing it up again, as there are new generations of users that might also like it. Plus: you can vote now. :)