Storyboards in Hitfilm?

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As the title asks, any ideas on how to make storyboards in Hitfilm?


  • ellis_is_great
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    I do this. Basically find or take some pictures. Drawing works too if you like to draw. You get a background image , any objects and actors you need. Then make a composite shot. Use masks to place the actors over the backgrounds and place them.

    The cool thing about this is you can animate any movements and make a anamatic to get an idea of how the final shot will play out.

  • WhiteCranePhoto
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    One of the directors I've worked with likes to create moodboards for me, which is very effective. It gets you out of needing to draw anything, while retaining a visual approach.

    She finds images that show what she's looking for in each scene to build the moodboard. Pinterest and Google search both work well for this.

    Another great pair of tools are ShotDeck ( and Canva ( ShotDeck has a phenomenal selection of images in its browser that you can collect based on a good variety of search terms and download to use as references, and Canva has some very convenient tools for making PDFs, one of which can also pull the color palette out of an image so that you can use the palette as a guide for your art direction and lighting when you go into production.

    That said, a living, animated storyboard like what HaZ Dulull made for his film would be even better than a PDF or a slideshow :)