Different zoom for different videos

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I'm creating a video made with different ones that have different cameras and different zoom. How can I set the zoom, for example to 100%, on a part, and 200% on another?



  • EvilDaystar
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    I'm not certain I understand ...

    You have footage from 2 cameras ... one shooting at let's say 50mm and another was shooting at a longer focal lenght and you want to try and "match" the look between the two clips?

    It's not going to work well.

    I'll explain how to do what you want to do first and then I'll explain WHY it won't work the way you think it will ... hint, it has to do with optics.

    So ... how to do what you want to do.

    Load the two clip and add the to your timeline.

    Select clip 2.

    Go to Controls Panel - Transform - Scale

    Set your scale to match what you want.

    There. You are done.

    Now why it won't look right!

    There's a couple of reasons why this won't look right.

    1 - By zooming, you are cutting out parts of the image so unless the clip was shot with cropping in mind, you'll destroy the composition and or lose important parts of the scene.

    2- Optics.

    Different focal lengths affect how far the background appears and can thin or fatten up facial features.

    Here is a decent video.

    So if one camera was using a wide angle lens and you zoom in to match how much of the screen someone's face takes up to match a longer focal lenght, they could end up looking completely different. Same with the background.

    A wide angle lens will make the background look super far but a longer focal length will make the background look much closer.

    Just look at the video I linked and pay attention to the background at around 1:18 for a perfect example of both of these effects.

    Who knows, you might be able to match the two clips fairly well but don't be surprised if you can't.

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    That worked perfectly, was using the zoom tool on the right, but that one actually uses a different zoom on each video.

    Thanks you

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    By "zoom tool on the right" you mean the zoom menu at the bottom right of the Viewer?

    That only affects the displayed zoom in the viewer and is used to zoom in to check detail or zoom out to be able to adjust widgets outside the displayed frame. It doesn't affect the actual video.

    Otherwise @EvilDaystar has (again) given excellent advice.