Bad Allocation Error

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Hi, I'm trying to export my video but I keep getting an error saying I have a bad allocation. I know that I have enough storage with the drive I'm putting it into. I did not use a composite for this video.


  • EvilDaystar
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    A "Bad Allocation" error has to do with RAM: either system RAM or GPU Ram.

    How much system memory do you have and what is you video card?

    I know this will sounds like a typical tech support answer but ... have you tried re-booting your computer? It's quite possible a program you used hasn't released its hold on your memory. since RAM is volatile memory, rebooting the machine will clear it.

    If you have very little RAM (8GB on windows is bare minimum), make sure you close EVERYTHING not necessary.

  • Christobal89
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    I have read that "Bad Allocation" error its you runing out of memory. in almost every post.

    I'm literally looking at my computer doing the export, the memory its a 24% and still I got the same error...It's not a memory problem.

    Movavi got the job done.

    But Honestly I rather HitFilm..I have been using it for years and paying the mambership. And I'm not gonna change.

    Wish the problem can be fix.

  • Christobal89
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    I read that this  "Bad Allocation" error its a memory issue. in every post.

    The thing is I'm looking at my setting and the memory doesn't go up than 24%.. It's definitely not a memory issue.

    Movavi got the job done easily

    But I wish Hitfilm can fix this issue. I have been using it and paying for years and I'm not gonna change.

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    @Christobal89 Are you checking your system RAM use or your GPU VRAM use? These are different things.

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    It's not necessarily the amount of memory used, but if your memory is actually defective. You can run various memory tests that will scour your memory for physical issues.

    If you're using windows 10: