Possible to move item on timeline by half a frame?

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I have found audio desync in source footage from twitch that appears to have audio offset by n.5 frames. I can move my desired sound to a half a frame before or after by not exactly the point I want as the minimum timeline shift appears to be 1 frame... any advice or will I just need to take to to just before / after the video queue that I want?

The peak I want sits between the 2 key frames on the audio track frames (key frames used for visual guide only). Oddly, moving 1 more step / frame to the right also causes the the audio to shift within itself (or maybe the key frames do their own thing.. not sure..):

Any input appreciated, thanks.



  • Triem23
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    Move the cue early. You cannot move anything by half a frame.

    Your other option is to double the frame rate of the project - i.e. From 30 to 60. This will give you additional temporal resolution but it will slow your render as you'll be rendering twice the frames.

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    Hi Triem

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.

    I'm already at 60fps so I guess I'm stuffed then and will have to make do with flash --> bang.

    Best regards


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    On closer additional inspection, the audio is actually shifting at a minimum resolution of 2 fames, not 1. This can actually be seen in the previous images, i just hadn't noticed... is this a limitation? The video was 60fps from source, 44100 hz

    Is there any additional advice you could give?

    many thanks

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    Damn it.. I'm gonna answer my own question! Not because I'm grumpy because my answer wasn't handed to me on a platter, but because I'm dumb and missed the obvious. So the audio only moves in 2 frame steps?? Well the move the vid by 1 frame Lax, you moron! :D

    Funny how you get target fixated on 1 fix..!

    Again thanks for your time


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    I do my audio editing in Reaper instead.

    You get much finer control over the audio position and more powerful tools for audio editing

    You can load a video file and display it in reaper to align your audio. I find it much easier to do my sfx and fey there than in HitFilm.

    Here is a random video about using reaper like I do.