[FEATURE] Match Frame

fxhomer167778 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out*

The ability to park the playhead in the timeline, and with a press of a button, match the current frame on the timeline to the original source clip frame, as available in pretty much every other serious NLE system:





  • mabdelbary
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    edited August 2021

    Also, there are some essential keys should be added like move to in/out buttons which we can put in the trimmer window (this is beside the shortcuts). Also, to be able to add extra preferred options anywhere in the timeline, trimmer or viewer window that have these commands 👍️

  • Darkhands
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    This is essential for me as I'm regularly scrubbing through 8-hour source video files. I'll find a clip I want to use, but if I want to get additional material from around that clip later on, I now have no idea where that clip came from in the original file.

    Being able to jump to a clip's origin in it's source file would be a godsend. Or heck, just listing the start location of the clip in its title would work (Ex: filename.mp4 - 05:23:12-14) Hour:Minute:Second-Frame

  • gonzarro
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    I would love this feature. It saves so much time and frustration.