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i have two computers in different locations and i want to use the same account for both my computers. It says acticated on 1 of 1 computers. What happens if i deactivate on my other computer and activate for this one? Will i lose all my files on my different computer?

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    As kevin say, you'll keep your files. You'll even be able to keep editing.

    Where account activation matters is for rendering. If you render from an deactivated machine you'll have a watermark over the whole render.

    So, you can have a project on (deactivated) computer A and on (activated) computer B. You could be editing on A while rendering on B. As long as you swap activations, you can then go back and render on A while editing on B!

    Also, you can manage activations here - just in case you left A activated, but need to be on B. Since you say the machines are in different locations this will help if you forget to deactivate before moving.