uncompressed avi = horrible quality (cartoonish even!)


not exactly a specialist here. I'm trying to export an animated logo sequence with transparent background, but for some reason when I export as uncompressed avi, the resulting video is transparent but has the quality of a 4 or 8 bit video. When I export using the cinepro .mov option, the video is as it should be, good quality, but useless in most players since it is mov.

No matter what I do, uncompressed avi gives me the worst quality of all options. mp4 is not an option since it doesn't save alpha...

What is going on here? I have checked all added media, there are two png images added with 32bit rgba, both made into composite sequences with added effects, and there is a 'quick 3D' effect added (sci fi shockwave effect).

I checked each video track by adding a pink background, and all tracks are transparent in the project.

So it is all set up as should in the project. Exporting with uncompressed avi does give a transparent background but it seems to turn it into a 4-bit video. There is NO bit depth setting in the avi option, only a 'comment' saying it is 4:4:4 8-bit...

Pls help. All I want is a transparent logo animation in decent quality and a usable format.


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    Yes, what is going on here is a good question. We have nothing to look at, no uploaded images or video - it would help.

    Quicktime (Mov) like you said, is widely supported in other NLE's (editors), and supports alpha as you found out when testing Cineform. To play it back outside of HitFilm, then VLC is a good player since it supports Cineform too, and probably RGBA.

    I recommend giving this thread a read: https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/comment/152708

    And some questions...

    Whats your PC specs?

    What is your intended use case?